Brixton Academy, 23 November 2015


Having watched a live stream of The Vaccines in a London pub a few months ago, I knew that once they announced tour dates I’d be going, but I’d need to make sure there were seats! It looked really wild, but wicked!


Luckily, they’d announced three dates at Brixton Academy, so for the first time at this venue, I managed to get seats which I never knew existed!

Both support bands were great, particularly Palma Violets, who I’d only read about. The bassist was mental, but very entertaining. Downstairs was packed when The Vaccines took to the stage. The crowd was absolutely wild, probably the wildest crowd I’ve actually seen! The band kicked off with Handsome.


"B-R-I-X-T-O-N" yelled front man, Justin.


Second song in, Teenage Icon, and no one was still. Just a quick look at downstairs and if no one got hurt, I'd be very surprised. Not that anyone down there would've cared, they were having too much fun, pushing, shoving, jumping, running (punches were thrown at one point later on in the gig)!


I found it quite mesmerizing to see people going absolutely mental, despite the fact that the band did nothing to encourage them. There were no wild antics on stage; no swearing (which is unnecessary anyway!) but the crowd still went crazy! The songs kept getting churned out one after another, Ghost Town


Justin Young managed to calm the crowd down...just a little with Dream Lover, one of the tracks off their new album.
He commented on the great crowd participation in his laid back drawl. He sang one word of Wetsuit and had the entire Academy singing along.


“Thank you very much Brixton! Alright now this one’s got a kicking groove”: Minimal Affection, quickly followed by Tiger Blood.


There was no time wasting on stage, literally the band played one song after another in quick succession. Blow It Up, Bad Mood, Post Break-Up Sex, Melody Calling

Another song to quieten down the very enthusiastic crowd (All Afternoon) In Love, Give Me a Sign, Wreckin’ Bar Ra ra ra


20/20 by this time, Justin’s voice was getting a little tired, but it didn’t matter as the band’s fans were still singing along. Next up, another one of my favourite Vaccines’ tracks, I Always Knew, and Justin was back on track vocally! That lead straight onto another one of their hits, If You Wanna


“Thank you very much Brixton. We’ll see you on Thursday” and they rounded this incredibly energetic gig off with All in White


With that the band left the stage....but not for long!
Justin came back on and did an acoustic song, No Hope


"Thank you very much. We’re The Vaccines, Brixton. He introduced the band. Drums, Freddie.... and now Brixton ask and ye shall receive on lead vocals Mr Arni Arnason." Now I have to admit I’m totally unsure what this was all about as Arni’s obviously not a singer! But he took to the stage and performed: Blow Your Mind and I was left confused!


Final song for the night was the energetic Norgaard, which whipped everyone back into the frenzy that had been lost on the last couple of songs.


Thoroughly entertaining band who captured the audience right from the start, until they left the stage. And I got home in one piece, which can't be said for some of the fans who were standing!