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I am a qualified proofreader, and have recently proofread a book co-written by Tony Prince (the fabulous DJ who has worked on on Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg amongst others, and is also the founder of DMC) and Jan Šesták, a DJ from the Czech Republic, called Two Lives, which will be published soon.


So whether the job is small (eg a contract) or much bigger (a book) please contact me should you require a first class, confidential and fast service.


I and my co-writer Jan Sesták in the Czech Republic, set about writing a historic double autobiography. My own grammar has always been one of Secondary Modern failure, whilst my co-writer learned his English listening to Radio Luxembourg!
Whilst I addressed the static in my co-writers stories, along came Sonya Webb to put these two DJs on the right track with her wonderful proofing.
I cannot recommend her work highly enough.
Tony Prince
(Director) DMC World Network


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Tony P TP and Elvis

Sonya Webb did some proofreading and editing work for our business during September 2014. She had to check posts for our website blogs, and so the work had to be perfect.


She had to check for errors, punctuation, and house style. The work was done on screen.


Sonya carried out the work professionally, efficiently and accurately and completed each task to deadline, without any fuss or complications.


I would have no hesitation in recommending her for other editing and proofreading work – we found her to be reliable, thorough and skillful and a pleasure to work with.


Cleland Thom

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Music instills feelings like nothing else.


What's better than listening to music? It has to be writing about it, hasn't it? Unless of course, you can play...which I can't!


This site is for music lovers, particularly for those who, like me, would have loved to have played in a band but never had the courage; and for those who have the great skills that every musician has.


I'm always on the lookout to write articles about any kind of music, musician or gig, new or old.


If you have a story, it could be your own, or someone else's, just send me a message via the form below.


I can work from bios, and interviews can be held face-to-face, on the phone or even by email, whichever method suits you best. However, it would be great to get a few photos too!



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