This brilliant, good old rock 'n' roll band from Oregon are No. 1 on the Reverbnation charts for their region, and it's easy to see why when you listen to their music.

My Own Black Eye

They play great, solid rock with some amazing song titles. Bassist, Christopher T Baggins, took some time out to answer a few questions about the band.

How long have you guys been together as a band?


...we started the band in 2005.


You’re known as Christopher T Baggins bass player and vocalist of MOBE. Can you tell me a little about the rest of the band?


...Myki V on the rhythm guitar, my older brother, if it was not for this guy I wouldn't even be playing music. Joe Coitus on drums, one hell of a guy that can make you smile at any time, also he is our "animal" on the drums, Joe is definitely the glue that binds, and last but definitely not least, our newest guy Brien "Skinny" McKinney we were lucky to be able to capture the attention of this shredder, he is truly a great guy and an awesome addition to black eye. It is truly nice to be in a band with my good friends.


How did the band come up with the name My Own Black Eye?


...this is a good one, the singer of our band before black eye (the Loaders) and I got into a fist fight one drunken night, we were separated by a bunch of people and he started punching himself in the face yelling at this what you want... I was like well sorta, But I wanted to do it myself...anyways he shows up to practice the next day with a huge black eye....Myki and I quit that day and started My Own Black Eye...true story.


The MOBE logo is really cool. Who’s the artist in the band?


...I do most of the artwork and all the fliers for the band, but truthfully everyone in the band is very creative artistically.


You have a great punk rock n roll sound with some added blues. Who’s been your main influence(s)? many good bands to name just one...we all listen to different types of music, but if you were to ask me what my favorite band was ..I would say Eagles of Death Metal.


How do you write your songs? Does one of you write the lyrics and the rest write the music, or do you work together on the entire song?


...we all bring a riff or an idea to practice and work on it together.


You have some great song titles. What was the idea behind Testicle Soup?


...this is a true story, that song makes my drummer's balls sweatier than the asked (I did indeed!)


There are several brilliant songs on Reverbnation, will you be releasing an album any time soon?


...we are currently working on new songs for an album to be released before summer this year.


Any chance that you guys will tour the UK?


...we would LOVE to do this, money is the only thing that keeps us away.


Any other plans for 2015?


...Rock out as hard as possible, make another album and play many shows.

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(I am now on a mission to get the band over to the UK!)