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How it all began

Music is a great energizer. It's a language everybody knows. (Bill Hicks)

Hi there

I'm Sonya Webb, lover of music and some other stuff too. And yes, that's me lying on top of a whole load of vinyl. (NB: No records were harmed in any way while being photographed.)


Having loved music my entire life, I can think of nothing better to do than write about it.


My first ever live gig was in 1974 when (still at school) I saw Slade, supported by Status Quo at Tiffany's Ballroom in Purley.

My first gig, and I somehow managed to be down the front, which was good as I'm rather short. I was even carried over the barrier when the pushing started when Status Quo came on, and had to sit in front of the stage (that just doesn't happen anymore!)


I was also very lucky because after the gig, my friend Jane Sanderson and I were asked if we wanted to meet the band - how could we say no?


What an amazing experience to have at only 14. My parents were less amused as they'd been parked outside waiting for over 2 hours - no mobile phones in those days!


I'm still going to gigs today - more than ever, in fact! The only difference now is that it's getting more and more difficult to be that person at the front, so sometimes I go for the seat option.


This site is dedicated to all those musicians and DJs etc who are in the music business because of their passion for music. It’s also for all you music lovers out there who, like me, enjoy many kinds of music!


It's the place where great things are written about great music, gigs, DJs and musicians who make the world a much better place for all of us.


I should warn you that if I don't like a gig/band/musician/song, I won't be writing about it/them on here as I like to keep things positive.


There will be featured artist interviews: some just starting out on their journey in the music world, some breaking through, and some that have already made it.


There'll also be reviews of albums and the many gigs that I go to, my ramblings in the form of a blog, as well as info on the proofreading/ editing service (/services.html) I offer.

Jake Bugg

The young, but very talented, Jake Bugg, who kept his audience captivated with his performance.

Brixton Academy, London 23.10.2013

Ali Campbell & Astro

Ali Campbell singing with Astro for the first time in 6 years since Ali had left UB40. Astro left the band the week before this gig. Fantastic to see them both together. Purple Rain reggae-style was brilliant!

O2, London 06.12.2013

American Authors, What a Life. Although they're a new band, it felt like they'd been around for a while as we all sang along through every song, even though the album had just been released!


American Authors

   Dingwalls, Camden, London. 26.05.2014

An incredible gig by Razorlight. Jonny Borrell and his band played many of the band's most popular songs, including America. Everyone left this gig buzzing. I know I did!

Electric Ballroom, Camden, London 04.06.2014